What we do?

Non Standard and strange solutions for various companies and corporations!

Native Mobile Development

Native development for best perfomance and small size in mobile applications! iOS & Android platforms support. Swift, Java, Kotlin

Flutter Mobile Development

The best crossplatform framework for mobile applications. iOS & Android Support.
Dart Programming Language

React Native Development New

Open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook, Inc. JavaScript Programming Language

.NET Mobile Development

Super unstandard solution for your business. Wide list of platforms support. Fast perfomance. Native code support.

Digital Design

Always ultra modern interface. Strict and elegant, color and wild! We use Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.

Poweful Communication

We don't have bureaucracy limitations in communications. Any dep. can contact to another dep. You like client have direct developers access.

Our cases

  23+ Projects Done!

   All Clients are Happy!

  12000+ Coffee Cups!

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Your partners in Mobile Development

Our main mission: find your pain, weak places, finance and effectiveness leaks and transform into strong solution who will solve all heatic. Everybody and I believe AI too can implement the application, but not ever can prepare a solution. We are the best combination of troubleshooters, lawyers, entrepreneurs, developers, product managers under great cover of expirience.

  • We are background of your business.
  • Silent solution who move your corporation to the top.
  • We are your wall from problems.
  • Always in update.
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Our Service

We offer troubleshooters specialists, not a coder.

{ Specialist Outsource }

Specialist managed under our business culture and rules. Our responsibility deliver to you solution. In this case usual custom hours. We self choose what specialist and when need for success project done

Direct Communication: +

or/and Project Manager

or/and Product Manager

or/and Quality Assistance

or/and UI/UX Designer

or/and Developer

Hours per month: 168h.

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[ Specialist Outstaff ]

Specialist managed under your own business culture and rules. Our responsibility here ensure that all agreements are respected. It's need for not feel difference between office and remote employee

Direct Communication: +

or Project Manager

or Product Manager

or Quality Assistance

or UI/UX Designer

or Developer

Hours per month: 168h.

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{[ Personal SCRUM team ]}

For bigger needs we can provide additional scrum teams. Business culture and rules you can select itself or we can continue be your personal troubleshooters. Always online. Always in responsibility

Direct Communication: To all

Team members count: 9

PM and PO: +

Quality Assistance: +

UI/UX Designer: +


Hours per month: 1000h.

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It's how solutions born

What you know about power of mobile application for business? Good website you must have for your business - by default. But application will make your business move to the next level. Let your competitors will swallow dust!

Data collect and Research

What your business need?

Our backstage affairs

Tick Tack - your pain Attacked!

Move your business to the win!

Help you earn a star!

Special Office Culture

Our company own physical office and you always can check who and how right now manage your pain. We do not have remote workers who do their work while lying in bed - in our culture developers can select office or coworking place. All technical stuff needed for developers we provide.

Entrust us your worries

and take from us real life work solution

Office Time:
M: 9:00AM To 20:00PM T: 9:00AM To 20:00PM W: 9:00AM To 20:00PM T: 9:00AM To 20:00PM F: 9:00AM To 20:00PM