A Vanguard of Software and AI-Integrated Game Development in the USA

Based in the vibrant technology hubs of the United States, Lumighost, Inc. is more than just a software and game development firm. Our American team prides itself on a deep understanding of the tech landscape, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Our expertise doesn’t end there; we navigate the complex web of international legalities with ease, ensuring that our US & foreign clients benefit from robust legal expertise in software development and beyond. We are tech entrepreneurs who are also well-versed in business strategies and the intricacies of US tax laws, making us a unique partner in your digital journey.
Lumighost is a multi-award-winning company, recognized for our commitment to excellence and innovation in the tech sector. Our accolades are a testament to our dedication to crafting interactive entertainment that stands out in the marketplace. Here in the USA, our focus is on creating games that are as commercially successful as they are artistically acclaimed. Our in-depth understanding of the fast-paced American market ensures that we deliver exceptional value to our partners and users, underlining our position as a leader in the industry.

Tailored SaaS, Classic Web and Mobile Solutions from Lumighost Canada

In Canada, Lumighost Company excels in the art of complex SaaS, web, and mobile development. Our Canadian branch specializes in creating sophisticated software solutions that propel businesses forward in the digital age. Here, we also harness the transformative power of AI, with a dedicated team skilled in AI development, to provide intelligent solutions that optimize operations and enhance user engagement. Our experts adeptly tailor AI technologies to complement our robust SaaS, classic web, and mobile offerings, ensuring that our platforms are not only seamless and scalable but also smart and future-ready. With an eye for the intricate and a penchant for perfection, our expert team integrates cutting-edge AI capabilities into our development processes. Whether leveraging machine learning algorithms to personalize user experiences or employing AI-driven analytics for deeper business insights, our Canadian team ensures that each solution is engineered for success. By melding technical excellence with our signature entrepreneurial spirit, Lumighost Canada delivers unparalleled service in the realms of SaaS, classic web, mobile development, and AI innovation.

Lumighost UK: Frontiers of VR, AR, and Blockchain Innovation

The United Kingdom branch of Lumighost Company is a pillar of innovation in cutting-edge technology, specializing in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and blockchain solutions. Our UK team’s expertise extends into the realm of strategic marketing, ensuring that our groundbreaking tech solutions not only meet but exceed market expectations. In the competitive UK market, our marketing expertise is paramount for highlighting the unique benefits of our immersive experiences and secure blockchain applications. We understand the nuances of consumer engagement and tailor our marketing efforts to showcase the transformative potential of our technologies. Through compelling narratives, precise brand positioning, and focused outreach, we ensure that our innovative products captivate and convert our intended audience. With this comprehensive expertise in technology and marketing, Lumighost UK forges ahead, creating and promoting extraordinary digital advancements.

Our Mission

At Lumighost, our mission is to forge new frontiers in software and game development by integrating the latest technological innovations with bespoke digital experiences. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach new heights, providing them with the tools to explore uncharted territories in their respective industries. Our expertise is a catalyst for our clients, enabling them to leverage our technologies for significant benefits and competitive advantage. As a global leader with specialized teams in the USA, Canada, and the UK, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through our deep industry knowledge, legal expertise, and understanding of international business and taxation. We strive to ensure that our clients can not only meet but surpass their goals by tapping into the vast potential of digital transformation. Lumighost stands as a beacon for companies aiming to push the boundaries of what is possible, equipping them with cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their unique challenges and aspirations. Our mission encompasses a commitment to excellence and a partnership approach that empowers our clients to touch new horizons and reap substantial rewards from our technologies.

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Mykola Smorgun

CEO of Lumighost, Inc. USA

Maksym Tytarenko

CEO of Lumighost Ltd. UK

Alex Levshun

CEO of Lumighost, Inc. Canada

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“Haunted Houses”

Turnkey Project Delivery
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Core values

Client Empowerment

Our technologies and expertise are catalysts for client success, propelling businesses to new heights with transformative digital solutions.

Innovation Leadership

We spearhead the digital landscape with groundbreaking software and game development, continually setting new benchmarks for excellence and creativity.

Strategic Growth

Lumighost's approach fuses entrepreneurial insight with strategic marketing to drive growth and secure a competitive edge for our clients.

Technological Excellence

We are committed to technical mastery and innovation, harnessing AI, VR, and blockchain to deliver next-generation experiences.

Global Collaboration

Our teams across the USA, Canada, and the UK embody the spirit of cooperation, combining diverse skills to forge superior products and services.

Integrity & Expertise

With a foundation of strong legal and business acumen, we ensure ethical practices and informed decisions in every venture.

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