Klee Run

Benefits Adaptation of P2E mechanics to the realities of modern mobile stores. About It is an addictive cross-platform game with P2E mechanics, the example of our NFT&Blockchain Development. Run for your life & earn while playing! Test your reflexes as you race down the Firey mountain landscapes and along sheer cliffs until you can reach the […]

Haunted Houses

Benefits Working with level generators, creating your own shaders for ghosts and customized work with light. About Welcome to the exciting world of Haunted Houses, our own crypto game! It’s a game where you should haunt ghosts in different locations. Haunted Houses is presented in a first-person shooter mode with adventure and RPG genre elements. […]

Galactic Settlers

Benefits Swift growth of game downloads, increasing the duration of the game session and improvement of the engagement mechanics. About After a man-made disaster on Earth, humanity is forced to move to another planet. Develop the planet, explore other ones and build social relationships with other players. The game has quests and other additional activities.At […]