Drunken Bee

2D Game

Project Info

Team Size:2
Genre:2D Game
Platform:Mobile (iOS, Android)
Timeline:2 months


development hours


Possibility to increase an audience and game downloads of the game, attraction of more players.


A fun game to relax and increase concentration. This 2D game was in the Top of Windows Store and Rising Top Games. All you need is just play and lead the bee to the final level.
Are you looking for a game to relax? You do not want to strain and just relax? Then present to you an exciting and fun game – Drunken Bee.At the weekend wanted to break away, but she still drunk at business day! Help her as much as possible to fly without hindrance. The game is implemented in horizontal mode, it will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy after a hard day’s work.
-Funny storyline
-Beautiful User Interface
A prime example of Mobile Game Development.