Galactic Settlers

Time manager, City builder

Project Info

Team Size:6
Genre:Time manager, City builder
Platform:Mobile (iOS, Android)
Timeline:9 months


development hours


Swift growth of game downloads, increasing the duration of the game session and improvement of the engagement mechanics.


After a man-made disaster on Earth, humanity is forced to move to another planet. Develop the planet, explore other ones and build social relationships with other players. The game has quests and other additional activities.
At the beginning of the time manager game, the player has to choose one of the three available planets where he can start his journey. Depending on the available resources of a particular planet, it is necessary to complete the construction of the space city, adding new buildings and structures to the existing ones. The player is also given the opportunity to extract basic and rare resources. The second ones (for example, crystals), he can mine, exchange, sell / buy using the in-game currency.
Choose skins, upgrade your gaming experience, increase your progress and move to the next level. An exciting example of our Game Development in the city builder genre for all lovers of space and science fiction. Welcome to your personal space Odyssey