Haunted Houses

FPS / Adventure / RPG

Project Info

Team Size:5
Genre:FPS / Adventure / RPG
Platform:Desktop, Mobile and WebGL
Timeline:9 months


development hours


Working with level generators, creating your own shaders for ghosts and customized work with light.


Welcome to the exciting world of Haunted Houses, our own crypto game! It’s a game where you should haunt ghosts in different locations. Haunted Houses is presented in a first-person shooter mode with adventure and RPG genre elements. The player controls his character using a touch gamepad (mobile) or keyboard and mouse (PC).
You can play in different locations and gradually move to more complex levels. The main goal is to hunt ghosts and to catch them more. Everyday you have an opportunity to get in the lucky ones ranking and earn by playing. In order to win you should outwit the competition, get smarter and faster. But just as much more interesting!
We’ve launched a game where players get into a competitive environment where they should be more agile and swift than rivals. It is this factor that contributes to an increase the interest and excitement of players, as well as increases session duration and helps to develop an in-game economy. Every day, a daily rating will be formed, which you can get into if you catch more ghosts than the rest, and pass the levels more successfully. Nobody can stop you because the results of the game will depend on you.Show everyone who’s the best ghost hunter around here!
The game with P2E mechanics and it’s based on the own $LUMIGHOST Token. It’s a prime example of our blockchain game development.
NFT integration is planned in the nearest future.
Features :
Static Houses
Dynamic Basement
Own Custom Light