Klee Run

P2E Runner

Project Info

Team Size:4
Genre:P2E Runner
Platform:WebGL & Mobile
Timeline:7 months




Adaptation of P2E mechanics to the realities of modern mobile stores.


It is an addictive cross-platform game with P2E mechanics, the example of our NFT&Blockchain Development. Run for your life & earn while playing! Test your reflexes as you race down the Firey mountain landscapes and along sheer cliffs until you can reach the moon. The addictive & revolutionary KleeRun is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it – can you beat their high scores?! You’re a hungry KleeKai and now you have to run for your chance to earn KleeKai.
The game itself is interactive, first-person, and addictive. It also features PLAY TO EARN. This feature allows gamers, who must hold 500 billion $KLEE to begin playing, to increase their $KLEE as they advance through the game. Gamers can also trade NFTs representing real-estate, personal avatars, and merch. Each of these features incur minor transaction fees, which go to the Holders proportional to their contributions to the liquidity pool. Holding is an essential function of the KleeRun, as it enables the AMM smart contract and rewards LP investors.
KleeRun’s play to earn feature can be access to a brighter future. This blockchain game we develop for a gaming studio KleeKai together with their team.