Oculus Go “Bad Mojos” Game. VR

VR Game

Project Info

Team Size:7
Genre:VR Game
Platform:Microsoft VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Steam VR
Timeline:3 months




The project with various advertising opportunities and functions, exciting game storyline.


The VR AD service which demonstrates various advertising possibilities. Full-fledged implementation from web-service to SDK on our part.
In Oculus go you need select one of the mode game and start kill voodoo dolls. Based on your score and time levels will be changed automatically. Based on your score will be changed weapons. Support VR Rain. Game work and on different VR headsets like Microsoft VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This game need for Viewzads company for show 3d advertising opportunity for their clients. Support also and SteamVR. Cardboard Support too.
You are the last survivor, badmojos attacked the city. Bad mojos is Voodoo dolls with one single objective, to destroy all life and only in your power to stop them. Today is a bad day for badmojos. Take a gun in your hand and start to protect the city from evil voodoo.
Grab your canon and help annihilate these angry little Mojos before they take over the city! Select between 3 levels: normal, hard and NIGHTMARE MODE. Each level has its own atmosphere and mood. The player will have to face bad weather conditions on a high level of difficulty.
Play now to immerse yourself in this 3D VR shooter environment, and get the Mojos before they get you!