Super Japanese Crossword


Project Info

Team Size:2
Platform:Mobile (iOS, Android)
Timeline:2 months




Thematic focus, increasing the involvement of players.


Solve the crossword in 3D. For all puzzle fans.
We present to you a “Christmas Japanese Crossword”!
“Christmas Japanese Crossword” is so exciting, that even Santa Claus plays it) Christmas Crossword will warm your heart in the cold days!
What about presents? – Yes of course!
In the first level, you’ll have a folder with endless help!
What you`ll get:
*30 unique thematic puzzles;
*Three difficulty levels;
*You can paint over multiple cells at the same time;
*You can turn on or turn off the lamp;
*You can choose 2D or 3D view;
*You can zoom crossword in 2D and/or 3D view;
*keep brain in good shape;
*a lot of pleasure from the game;
*Whatever you do is saved, even if you exit level, your picture will remain not touched;
*the Crossword has a very fast respond to any operation;
*After passing a level at least once, there appears a folder, where you can see a picture which you have solved.
*iPad Pro Support
*You can always show final results to your family and friends!
And more!