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Fresh and breathtaking solutions in game development outsourcing. We make games for android, for ios, for pc taking into account the needs and behavioral factors of your client, i.e. the end user. Our strong-skilled developers have got real combat experience during work on our own product and previous projects, have high technical expertise in Game Dev Biz and always aim for the perfect end result. They provide you step-by-step development A to Z development, from Сoncept to Post Production Support.

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How we develop a Game?

The details about of each game development stages of Develepment Process you can find below. Time to Deliver of Completed Game Development Processes – from 6 months.

We are Experts in

A to Z Development

We provide Full-Cycle Game Development by ensuring high-quality execution of tasks at each stage

Involving Games

An in-depth understanding of gameplay, player interaction with the product and his psychology allows us to create games that hold the user’s attention and interest.

Clear and Convenient Process

Clearly defined stages in game development allow you to understand at what step the development is now and how much more time is needed

Hard Tech Skills

Strong expertise in Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as quality integration of Blockchain technologies into the games allow us to complete even the most difficult tasks successfully.

Platforms & Frameworks


Some reasons why you should choose us

Our development is A to Z development, from Сoncept to Post Production Support
All our analytics and development is aimed at the interest, comfort and pleasure of the end-user so we understand the needs of gamers
We create and use technological production maps for our projects, carry out multi-testing of the game before the release
Accurate estimates and the balance of our resources, which provide the top quality for the final product
We combine 2 approaches, creating a mix of planning and flexibility

How to get the right Gaming Solution for your business goals?

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Yes, the company provides you step-by-step development, from Сoncept to Post Production Support. We have been creating games for over 10 years and during this time we have developed the most efficient development process. Moreover, at each stage you can observe the intermediate result and add/correct necessary tasks after joint agreement.
Yes, you can see our cases as examples of a full-fledged development. In particular, we recommend considering our own product, Haunted Houses.
Of course, it’s the main methodology we use. In this way, we can remain flexible and quickly respond to user feedback, as well as adapt to the necessary tasks.
You’ll have an access to Jira Board of Your Project which means you can monitor development progress in real time. You will also be able to receive all the necessary information on status updates every 2 weeks and at any time upon your request. Moreover, out team is ready to work with any a tool that is convenient for the client (Jira, Trello or any other).
Firstly, we prepare an estimate and agree it with the client. According to the estimate, we form a scope of tasks and divide the tasks into subtasks. After that, we create a board in Jira (or other suitable software tool), add all tasks and provide access for the client. In Jira, the client will be able to observe the entire development process and receive status updates every 2 weeks.
Your contact person will be our PM or Project Lead. It depends on the complexity of the solution, its scale, as well as the stage of development. You will also keep in touch with our Account Manager (Sales Manager or Business Developer) for various requests.
Yes, of course. After the development of the first build (2-3 months from the start of the process), we will share the development status every 2 weeks.
We have QA department which will accompany the development process at every stage, from Concept to Post-Production.
We work with Unreal, Unity, .NET. Moreover, we can hire a talented programmer with the necessary technical stack for your business task.
You will be able to prepare the solution for many platforms: web, mobile, PC, VR, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5. We can also discuss and prepare a custom solution for other platforms that you need.

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