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We turn even the most daring ideas into virtual reality. Different games, brave concepts, variety of genres – our specialists will help develop something special. Create your own interactive universes, monetize them and get on the crest of the market wave with Lumighost.

Steps to turn the Idea into a Metaverse

Architecture Design
Instruments Formation
Content Creation
Development of Games
A to Z Metaverse Development
Implementation of Voice/ Interaction Mechanics
Blockchain Implementation
Metaverse Game Development
Full Gaming Creation
New mechanics and features for existing games
Rival mechanics and other activities in Virtual Worlds
Want to create your own Metaverse?
Types of Metaverse Games
The keystone to the success of a well-functioning metaverse crypto game is the social interaction between the players. Therefore, our team of experts is ready to implement this factor in these types and genres of game solutions:
Racing games
Music games
Strategy games
Wheel of Fortune games
Party Games
Sports games
Card games
Blockchain integration
ethereum Etherium
binance Binance
matic Matric
polynetwork Polynetwork
solana Solana
avalanche Avalanche
What is NFT in gaming?
What types of NFTs can be developed?
Are NFTs an attractive feature for players?
What is Blockchain Game Development?
How long is the Blockchain Development process?
What is a metaverse application development?
Is the application of metaverse technology relevant?
What is the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens?
What is the applying of NFT in games?
What is the NFT Game Development Cost?
What is the Blockchain Game Development Cost?
How can Lumighost help me to develop metaverse solution?
Where to find experienced metaverse developers?
Do you want to upgrade your life for the better?
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