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We turn even the most daring ideas into virtual reality. Different games, brave concepts, variety of genres – our specialists will help develop something special. Create your own interactive universes, monetize them and get on the crest of the market wave with Lumighost.

Steps to turn the Idea into a Metaverse

Architecture Design

Instruments Formation

Content Creation

Development of Games

A to Z Metaverse Development

Implementation of Voice/ Interaction Mechanics

Blockchain Implementation

Metaverse Game Development

Full Gaming Creation

New mechanics and features for existing games

Rival mechanics and other activities in Virtual Worlds

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Types of Metaverse Games

The keystone to the success of a well-functioning metaverse crypto game is the social interaction between the players. Therefore, our team of experts is ready to implement this factor in these types and genres of game solutions:

Blockchain integration



NFT gaming helps you to monetize gameplay details, such as items or cards, providing users with opportunities in the purchase and personal possession of unique game items.
Fungible tokens are tokens that can be exchanged with each other since they have the same сost. An example of a fungible token would be any currency. No single dollar is more valuable than another. In the same time non-fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to unique specifications and standards.
Any skins, avatars, items – you have possibility to create all kinds of NFTs.
NFTs in games provide players with the opportunity to buy virtual assets on the marketplace, in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can be in the form of various elements (for example, weapons or characters) and are the only instances of their kind.
Yes, because NFTs not only provide an additional interest and competitive aspect, but also give the player the opportunity to earn money when selling NFTs in marketplaces.
The cost of NFT development will depend on the complexity of the task, the number of functions involved, the level of customization, and many more. For a detailed cost estimate, you can contact us.
Blockchain game development is the building of games based on blockchain technology. Blockchain games provide players with full control over the digital assets they earn or get through their participation in games. All access to the server and game assets remains with the game publisher or developer.At the same time, users in blockchain games retain full ownership of their digital assets, allowing them to buy/sell them with other players, get real money, and potentially use them across several gaming universes without let or hindrance.
The cost of Blockhain development depends on various factors: the complexity of the task, UI / UX design, the required gameplay, the number of plot variations, etc. For a detailed cost estimate, you can contact us.
The duration of building a blockchain project depends on the purposes and requirements. It will take about 3 months to build a minimum viable product with minimum required functions. The launch of the app on the main network takes about 5-6 months depending on the requirements of the client.
You will be able to prepare the solution for many platforms: web, mobile, PC, VR, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5. We can also discuss and prepare a custom solution for other platforms that you need.
A metaverse app implements AR capabilities and use its best practice experience. You can interact with other users, learn and cooperate on 3D virtual spaces that are built within a metaverse app.
The Lumihost company has high-skilled specialists who have repeatedly been involved in the development of metaverse solutions. To discuss the solution you need and evaluate the experience of our developers, please contact us.
Given the popularity and growing market of the metaverse, now is the right time to build a solution with this technology.We will provide a comprehensive consultations, plan a step-by-step process, determine the terms and cost, and then we will deal with full-fledged development so that you can fully use the metaverse experience for your project or product.

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